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"All five of us out there together, in the wild, getting some strange! Like a sex fist!”

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Major Lazer & La Roux | Colourless Artibella | Lazerproof

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People shared iterations of that story well over a million times, because it serves that child right for being so…child-like.

4 Types of Bullying We Are Shockingly OK With

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But then he’d be lying

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Note: Remind me to name my next trenning post “Sex Fist”


Rin Nakai vs Brenda Gonzales

Honest to god, I thought Rin Nakai would be a harder sign for the UFC than Fedor but they managed somehow.

Nakai (16-0-1) has made her niche in Japan, competing in Pancrase and posting weird fetish videos on Youtube. After knocking off Sarah D’Alelio, Tara LaRosa, and Brenda Gonzalez, she’s proven she belongs in the division.

She’s set to face Miesha Tate on the main card of UFC Fight Night Nelson vs Hunt this Saturday (Sept. 20th). Should be an interesting fight. Don’t think Nakai winning would be too out there.

9/13-14/14, Tfw you bite into an egg-topped burger and the yolk sprays out and you wonder if this is what giving a blowjob is like.

Squats- 290lbs x4, 3, 3

Bench Press- 177.5lbs x5, 5, 6+spotter stole the 7th ):

Deadlift- 415lbs 2x3; SLDL+Shrug- 280lbs x8

Curls for the Girls.

quats were fucking hard and I lost position too much, but that’s infinitely better than how they felt on Tuesday. I think I’m going to switch over to TM for squats and make 290 or 295 my first ID for two sets of three. Everything else I will run into the ground. Benching felt really good again. I’m hoping it catches up to my other lifts. Deadlifts were rough and I had to go into Koopa Town to finish them. Oddly enough squats made my back hurt, and Koopa Town made it better. I think tweaking my back from position loss on squats is why I had to round on deadlifts considering last weeks deadlift performance. SLDL’s gave me a horrible back pump and the power shrugs gave me a horrible quad pump. Didn’t have time to do dips or most of the bodybuilding.



Why would you not believe me.

It may fit like a crop top on me, but I think I can pull it off.

this world is wrong

Brb guess I’ll go fuck myself.

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